This year, the CK School of Practical Knowledge, has introduced a new system- LOE (Life Oriented Practical Education).Along with our academics, we have different classes which includes craft, cookery, indoor games and science activities. These activities and skills have got a great response among the students and they are encouraged to display proficiency in all these extra-curricular exercises. Such activities will teach them new ideas that will be useful later on in life.


The School has embarked on a journey which is away from the beaten track. The School believes in giving the children an education that will stand them in good stead even after they leave school. It helps children to believe in themselves, develop positive attitude and gain self-confidence. The main objective is to make education a Life Oriented one, to prepare a child for a professional life straight after school so that they become contriubuting citizens of society. Some areas have identified as the thrust areas for imparting this Life Oriented Education, and importance are given to these. A few such areas include,

Knowledge of English: In the global village that the world has become today, without knowledge of English, you are no longer a global citizen. This is an area that the CK Scholl of Practical Knowledge will address. Instead of reading prescribed 'lessons' and poems that are from a different era, students are instead shown English movies of various genres. This helps them learn English for the purpose they'll need it most - in conversation.

Life skills: Inter-personal skills are also gaining importance everywhere, as the people-people contact becomes more in today's networked world. Students are given training in things such as proposing a business plan, negotiating a deal, filing a complaint in case of a theft, picking the best type of insurance for their purpose and many such other situations which everyone encounters in real life, but usually don't have a clue as to how to go about them. The LOE will create a generation of students who are aware of the workings of the services like insurance, police stations, banks and can conduct themselves appropriately in such places right from when they are 18.

Working knowledge of other languages: Apart from Tamil and English, thrust is also given to the students to learn at least one other regional language, especially Hindi. A working knowledge of Hindi ensures that the student can be comfortable when they go to North India on some purpose. It also expands the total geographic area where a business my be setup, rather than restricting it only to the region where the person knows the language. This way, it makes wonderful business sense to know a couple of other languages apart from English and the mother tongue