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The curriculum at all levels has its focus on engaging the students in practical, real-world situations and developing in them the skills required for all-round progress in real life. This is done by promoting an inter-disciplinary approach to studies, with lessons and examples drawn from all fields rather than concentrating only on the academic parts. This approach also ensures that along with the theoretical learning, there's enough of practical and hands-on activities which are much more effective in getting across certain concepts.


Intake of healthy and nutritious food is very important to lead a healthy life. So our students are experimenting and developing their culinary skills in our cookery sessions where they learn to prepare some new nutritious and delicious recipes. The classes are also designed to ensure they can survive on their own in any part of the world, with this knowledge of how to prepare food from available materials


Business Module classes are conducted for Standard VI to XI every fortnight to inculcate entrepreneurship. Students are taken to various industries in and around Cuddalore are given basic knowledge about Production, Marketing, Cost Involved in production, budgeting, Standard Operating Procedures etc., This involves expenses including transport and permit

As per our vision, one of our aims is to create entrepreneurs and for which we give lots of exposure to our students from Classes VI to IX and XI. Every month the students were taken to the industries in and around Cuddalore to see and experience and basic knowledge about Production, Marketing, Cost Involved in production, budgeting, Standard Operating Procedures etc., This involves expenses including transport and permit. Experts are invited to school campus to interact with the students.This gives the students an opportunity to develop them in various fields.


Students are taken to relevant places like Horticulture & Hybrid Variety Seed Farm, Palur, Coir Industry, Brick Laying Industry to give Life Oriented Education, which would help in getting a clear knowledge in School Curriculum.



We have well established music room which is facilitated with the following instruments which values around Rs.10 Lakhs.

  1. Keyboards - 10
  2. Guitars - 6
  3. Electric Guitars - 2
  4. Drums - 2
  5. Bass drums - 3
  6. Trumpet - 7
  7. Saxaphones - 5
  8. Baritone - 5
  9. Clairnets - 5
  10. Orchestration Keyboard -1

Apart from this, a separate vocal music in the form of Carnatic and Hindustani is also undertaken. Instruments such as Tabla, Veena and Flute are also taught


Just like music, dance too plays an important role in our school. A very spacious room is provided for this purpose. Classes for Bharathanatyam and Western dances are taught at present.


Students are taught to make first level of statue making. A separate Ceramic Unit is run to facilitate the students to learn the art of making toys, vessels and other items in Ceramic. This Unit costs Rs.50 lakhs.


In craft the students are taught to make dolls, soft toys, Jewellery making and greeting cards in various designsIn Cookery exposure is given to South Indian, Chinese and North Indian dishes, sweets and savories.


Classes I to X are given two periods per week to strengthen their physique and mind. A full-fledged yoga Hall with mattress. It is 830 Sq. ft with Air Condition facility