CKS The curriculum at all levels has its focus on engaging the students in practical, real-world situations and developing in them the skills required for all-round progress in real life. This is done by promoting an inter-disciplinary approach to studies, with lessons and examples drawn from all fields rather than concentrating only on the academic parts. This approach also ensures that along with the theoretical learning, there's enough of practical and hands-on activities which are much more effective in getting across certain concepts.


Pre KG to UKG: Happy learning atmosphere with activities designed to develop understanding and imagination. Since these are the formative years, focus is on activities that will help develop the six domains of the child.

Std I to VI: Basic concepts given importance, to ensure clarity of thought about how the world around them works. This is done through activities and exercises which have higher recall value than pure theory.


Std VII to IX: Experiment-oriented teaching where the student is encouraged to think and develop innovative ideas which can be used in their daily lives. This furthers the imagination of the student and develops lateral thinking ability .


Std X to XII: Result-oriented teaching to prepare the students fully for the next stages in life. The approach is also to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in the student by improving self-confidence, self-learning and application aspects of their character. The school follows a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and divided into appropriate modules for the various stages of their learning so that one leads seamlessly into another .