P. AYYAPPAN M.C.A, M.Phill, B.Ed.,

Education is a voyage of Discovery" yes, we at CK school, create conducive environment to assist the children to discover "REAL YOU" through enthralling exposure with untestable endurance to encounter the enterprising entrepreneurs in the campus and off the campus. Besides, we don't wait for things to happen but we make things to happen. The children invariably, every moment undergo exhilarating experience and excel in what they are doing.

"Vision and mission" are couple of eyes for any organization. As per our vision, we instigate, insist, inculcate and instill the following life oriented skills and values among the children. The ability to understand and respond. The power to empower the people to lead, to learn, to love and leave the legacy as a leader. The energy to initiate and incept a Business and emerge as one of the Best CEO's in future. The values to make gentlemen out of boys/girls.

Thus, we accompany the children in every sphere of progress and pave the path to mould new society in the future. I'm sure, certainly, for every child, the sojourn at CK School will be a golden era and unforgettable moment. I Wish everyone a bright and Blissful future