CavinKare has ventured into a hitherto unexplored territory by acquiring a school in Cuddalore. What was originally Baba Matriculation Higher Secondary School will now come under the CavinKare fold from the 1st of April this year. The School has in a way become the pet project for CKR (C.K.Ranganathan, CMD, CavinKare Pvt Ltd) whose dream is to make this school a model one for imparting practical oriented business education alongside the regular curriculum. "The school should continuously churn out students who will develop Business Acumen, alongside their regular Physics, Chemistry, Maths and so on" says CKR. A special curriculum has been developed to realize this dream. The objective of this dream is to apprise students of small business operations and create in them a business acumen with emphasis on real life situations. Students will be exposed to lectures on entrepreturship and small business models by experts.

The school programme is designed around factors that lead learners to being successful in their lives. They are exposed to a holistic education both through active and dynamic learning environments.

Classes in the school start from kinderganden and go up to the 12th Std. CK School of Practical Knowledge is a Matriculation school till Std. 10 and adopts the state board syllabus of the Tamil Nadu Government for standards 11 and 12. The School has approximately 3000 students enrolled with a faculty of 150 teachers.